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Spruce provides a seamless esports tournament managing experience. just a simple command is enough to create a entire tournament category. run tourney setup command with some parameters like how much slots you want to allow then mention, slot per group and the tournament name. this simple command will create all the required channel, category, role and it'll manage them autometically within few seconds.

Spruce is basically designed for manage discord based esports tournaments of various online games, but now a day spruce can also be used for moderation, secure role, utility and music playing purpose. spruce had some features like text to speech which is totally free of cost, it can play spotify playlist, can manage tournament, not only this spruce is now able toassist you about it's features, just ask something about it's feature and spruce will assist you.

Spruce can automate 2h work in few seconds ,The ultimate solution for managing esports tournaments! With complete automation for group sorting, category creating, channel managing and a secure role distributing system, Spruce ensures seamless organization. Experience with the lowest latency of just 23ms, guaranteeing lightning-fast responsiveness. Elevate your esports events with Spruce Bot and enjoy unparalleled performance.

Why Spruce?
Choose Spruce bot to save your time for manage a tournament, save your time to sort group, save your time to add group roles to all the players, save your time to create channels, roles. save your time to manage them. just two command is enough to manage your entire tournament by spruce. do you know spruce publish your tournaments globally so anyone can see your tournament from anywere. spruce helps all the organizers to grow by promoting their tournaments, no matter who you are! a organization sure you can use spruce. a esports player yes you can use spruce or none of these then also you can use spruce. not only this spruce has much more features for you. this is why you should choose spruce.